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  • Pickup TroyPickup Troy has a powerful engine, good-looking bodyline, sturdy body shape. When you want to cruise the road of uphill and down, unloaded and loaded, Pickup Troy can give you comfortable driving life. We offer a 5-speed manual, 4X4, 4X2 driving Pickup Troy, Mitsubishi 4G64Multi-point EFI Gasoline Engine is installed...Wuling Single Cab PickupWuling New Double Cab Pickup
  • Pickup AlterIn Pickup truck, we have Pickup Alter, it is a new concept Pickup.
    Alter of We are a kind of new Pickup truck developed to be a global standard for next generation. Sturdy, stylish, and component design is in our mind to be considered. In the 21st century, We designed a Pickup truck group, TROY, ALTER, FAN to satisfy different customer's...
  • Pickup FanFan is safer than any other pickup. About the width of Pickup Fan (Fan's chassis is wider than Isuzu Pickup truck of Japan). Moreover, the Pickup Fan is safer than the Pickup of same model. We have tried to present this Pickup truck, Pickup Fan, as accurately as we can, furthermore, there are photos on this website that you may want to see or you need more to be detailed. We have over 600 photos of every Pickup truck...
  • Left Hand Drive 2-Seat Pickup TruckOverall Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 5350×1725×1690
    Cargo Body Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 1716×1466×476
    Wheelbase (mm) 3380
    Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 200
  • Pickup Truck This pickup truck is designed with dual-safety-area. One is a flexible buffer area, and the other is a rigid compressive zone. In addition, the pickup doors are manufactured with anti-collision steel girders to alleviate side impact forces and to ensure rear doors can be opened after collision.
  • Wuling New Single Cab PickupLength/Width/Height (mm) 4115/1560/1840
    Container Length/Width/Height(mm) 2470/1490/300
    Wheel Base(mm) 2080
    Tread (front/rear) (mm) 1350/1335
  • Wuling Sunshine Single Cab PickupLength/Width/Height (mm) 4250×1510×1760
    Container Length/Width/Height(mm) 2500/1430/340
    Wheel Base(mm) 2750
    Tread (front/rear) (mm) 1280/1290
  • SUV BXAll SUVs offer a smooth ride and decent handling for such big, heavy SUVs. With Mitsubishi 4G64 Multi-point EFI Gasoline Engine, the SUVs are rated to tow and carried up to thousands pounds. Black painting around car body is showing noble, luxurious genuine leather seats only can be found in luxurious cars, but you can have them when you own a SUV BX big screen DVD with hi-stereo 4 speakers. The sound is like in music stadium.
  • SUV CXSUV CX is the off-road vehicle, sport utility vehicle–SUV with drive Jeep with powerful engines. The SUVs are strong and quiet, and comfortable, driving well. The seats fold flat for taking break, and the interior is roomy, More important, it's a safe SUV.
    All SUVs offer a smooth ride and decent handling for such big, heavy SUVs.
  • SUV DXSUV DX offers a smooth ride and decent handling for such big, heavy SUVs. With deferent model of engines, the SUVs are rated to tow and carried up to thousands pounds. And they have good possible impact protection.
    Engine model: GA491QE Multi-point EFI Gasoline
    Displacement(L): 2.237
  • Falcon SUVOverall Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 4860×1725×1850
    Wheelbase (mm) 3025
    Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 200
    Approach Angle/Departure Angle (°) 28/26
  • SUV EXEmission Rating: Euro Ⅲ+OBD
    Engine: 4G64S4M
    Displacement(L): 2.351
    Rated Power/Rated Speed(Kw/r/min): 92/5250
  • Minivan (Automobile)Minivan that was manufactured by the We automaker, China automaker. We are keeping on making the minivans. The design is conformed with market international marketplace. Minivan can accommodate up to seven passengers and features an electronically controlled 5-speed shift gears, the minivan was available with two gasoline-powered.Electric Minivan Wuling Xingwang Wuling Sunshine